If you are running Mac OS X and upgraded to the recent 10.5.7 and you are using a bluetooth mouse or keyboard, then you are most likely suffering from the same problem that I do: Bluetooth device loses connection to your mac after a few hours of working. and its a real PITA.

I have been struggling with this since I upgraded to 10.5.7 and haven’t found a working solution, until I recently tried this and it worked like a magic:

sudo killall -HUP blued

You only need to open up a Terminal.app window and run this command. This command sends a HUP (hangup) signal to bluetooth daemon, that actually is a soft-reset command. It causes blued to reload the configuration and brings your bluetooth device back to life.

Update 1: The latest bluetooth firmware update from Apple didn’t solve the problem. It still happens (less frequently tough) and needs to kick blued to work.

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11 Responses to Fixed: OS X 10.5.7 and Bluetooth

  1. fan says:

    How its possible to type without keyboard…?
    Does mac has OnScreen keyboard?

  2. BOK says:

    Same issue here on a MBP 15-inch Unibody and Mac OS X 10.5.7…
    Strange that there hasn’t been a (quick) fix yet, since the -discussions are filled with this.

  3. As far as I remember, they always had a bad track record of responding to such issues.

  4. ad says:

    Worked awesomely. I had been looking all day for a solution and the terminal prompt worked like a charm.


  5. Brian says:

    I have a GearHead Bluetooth mouse which intermittently stops working for about 3 seconds every 5 or 6 seconds. I’m running 10.5.7. The above procedure did not solve my problem. Incidentally, the keyboard that came with the mouse works fine and does not suffer from this problem. Any suggestions appreciated!

  6. Whit says:

    Thanks! This worked like a charm.

    I found this after I just bought a brand new Logitech BT mouse thinking my old one was dead. Now both are working well…at least for the time being.

  7. seb says:

    how do I find terminal.app? what is it?

  8. cathi says:

    I’m trying to do this procedure but can’t seem to enter my password into Terminal (which it is requiring me to do in order to confirm the sudo command). For some reason I can’t type in anything when it asks me for the password. Any suggestions on what the problem might be? Thanks!

  9. Sue says:

    Brilliant fix thanks, but only because I can screen share from another Mac. How can I turn this command into something mouse-clickable?

    Going to see if Snow Leopard fixes the BlueTooth issue v soon

  10. Coder79 says:

    And thanks for the shout out again. ,

  11. Mark says:

    Any hints for OS X 10.6 where about 75% of the time my bluetooth mouse and keyboard are not working after resume from sleep ? Since both input devices are wireless I have no way to reset/start bluetooth. The only thing that works is sleep and resume again.