I suddenly came across this old post from 2004 in which I explained my early experiments in OS X. Now after being a hardcore OS X user for more than a year, I found how much the world has changed since. The Firefox is a really usable browser now and IM clients are up to date. I still hate iChat for no good reason. Maybe because I hate IM on the whole.
And guess what. My favorite OS X app is Terminal.
In fact OS X offers an intuitive interface that is very usable and hassle-free. I would call it a real productivity booster. Beside the interface, the OS itself is based on a mature BSD skeleton, and as a Unix fanatic and really enjoy poking around OS X.

I seriously urge you to switch to Mac if you care about your productivity and performance.

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3 Responses to Mac Experience (updated for 2008)

  1. Mohammad says:

    Do you use QuickSilver? Once you start using it you get addicted to it.

    Thanks for your posts, I always enjoy reading them

  2. Beastie says:

    I always use Mac OSX as Desktop system and FreeBSD/OpenBSD as Server/Firewall.

    Im so happy whit this tandem and i cant need (for now) to use Windows or Linux.

    Well ocasionally i use Gentoo GNU/Linux as a Xen Server Machine. xDDDDD

    Best Regards.

  3. Mohammad says:

    you gotta download iTerm… that’s hella better than terminal. you’ll love it!